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Spring Child Custody Attorney

Protecting the Best Interests of Children

Children are often the unintended victims of a divorce. Bitter arguments between parents over child custody, visitation and child support can cause significant emotional damage to a child whose only wish is that his or her parents would stay together forever.

From our office in Spring, Amy Thomas Perez Law Firm PC represents clients throughout Houston, Texas and surrounding areas with child custody and child support issues in divorce. Amy Thomas Perez  takes a common-sense approach to family disputes.

Handling All Aspects of Divorce Involving Children

With more than 18 years as a family law attorney, Ms.Perez  has a deep understanding of the issues in divorces involving children. Additionally, her experience as a a Harris County Attorney prosecuting child abuse cases for the Texas Department of Family Protective Services, as well as a court-appointed amicus attorney and attorney/guardian ad litem gives her a unique perspective into the best interests of children. Rely on her for knowledgeable representation in:

Custody: In Texas, the courts presume that both parents will have joint managing conservatorship. If there are issues of family violence or drug or alcohol abuse, one parent may be awarded sole managing conservatorship.

Visitation: Texas law presumes that a standard visitation schedule, called a standard possession order, is in the best interest of the children and should be followed. However, in most cases, the courts will allow you to craft a possession order that meets the unique needs of your children and family.

Child relocation: If a parent wishes to relocate with the child, in most cases, he or she must get permission from the other parent or from the courts. We will help assess whether representation is necessary or helpful to achieve your goals.

Child support: In Texas, child support is determined by a percentage of the visiting parent's income. We will help you determine the amount of child support you will pay or receive.

Ms. Perez will always explore negotiation, mediation or collaborative law as a way of resolving disputes over child custody, visitation or child support. However, if you and your spouse are unable to resolve your disputes, you can rely on Amy for tenacious representation in the courtroom.

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To discuss your case with our experienced attorney, contact Amy Thomas Perez  online or call 281-406-3596.

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